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This site is a hub for instructions on all the items that I make.



I grew up in the 80’s with the computers mentioned on this page. I have been collecting them ever since, and I have always been interested in how they work and the circuitry behind them. Because of this I tried to make modifications for these computers. I bought a 3D printer so I could print my own cases and parts for the mods. When I found out that there are a lot of other people looking for these mods, but don't have the tools too make these, I started making these and selling them on Ebay. I started with a single flash rom, but today this has turned into a small shop with several mods and with many more on the drawing board.



The Tapuino

This board works on the Commodore C64, Vic20 – Commodore Pet and the C16/ Plus 4 (with a C16 to C64 tape lead.)

TI Memory.png

The TI99/4A 32k

Memory Expansion

This board works as a memory expansion for the TI99/4A computer. It plugs into the side of the Computer and adds an extra 32k of memory giving a total of 48k.

The TZXDuino 

works on the following computers – MSX , ZX81 , ZX Spectrum, Dragon 32/64, Tandy Coco 1 and 2, Amstrad 6128, BBC and Acorn Electron Computers. This works just like a tape deck and connects to the tape port on the required computer via the tape lead.

UnoCart A8.png

The Uno Cart A8

This works as a Cartridge on the Atari XL, XE and XEGS computers.

The Uno Cart 2600

This works on the Atari VCS or also known as the 2600 console.

UnoCart 2600.png

The Erebus

This is a tap loader that loads tap files at lightning speed on the Oric 1/ Atmos computer

Lead for the Tapuino

This connects the Tapuino or the sd2iec to the C16/ Plus 4 commodore computers.

Plus4 - C16 lead.png

The Sdrive Max

This little beauty works with the Atari 800XL ,600XL ,130XE ,65XE and the Atari 800 with 48k of memory. The Sdrive Max has a touch screen and works like a disk drive. It can emulate 4 Drives and you can also save onto a blank disk either on the Sdrive or a real Disk Drive. The Sdrive can also load tape games at normal speed or at a faster turbo speed.


This is the CoCoSDC. This works on the CoCo 1,2,3 and Dragon Computers and acts like a Diskdrive. It also has 8 Rom Banks where you can store Rom images.

CoCoSDC New copy.jpeg

The Ultimate Cart

This is the Ultimate Cart for the Atari 8bit computers. This device will work on the 400,800,600XL,800XL,65XE and 130XE computers.

The FinalGrom99

This is the FinalGrom99 by Ralph Benzinger. This Cartridge is for the Texas TI99/4A computer. All you need to play games on this cartridge is a standard size SD Card and some rom images.


The KungFuFlash

This is the KungFuFlash for the Commodore 64 computer. This device works like a rom cartridge and can load variuos types of images. You can also press F1 on the menu screen for help info.


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